Outlook 2007 SP2 bug: “Not enough memory to continue”

Symptom: Outlook 2007 prompts about not enough memory to continue and stops loading. The user can see email already in place, but can’t do anything.   PST files partly load and folders may be missing. The big sign is the memory error.

Cause: After a month of working this issue with Microsoft, they have confirmed a bug caused by the 2007 office sp2 update.  So while we await MSO12 SP3, here is the workaround they’ve given me.  The only catch is that you will disable the email tracking feature within BCM.

Resolution: Close Outlook, then add a new registry value, type DWORD, named “EnableEAA”=”0” to the following reg key:  HKEY_CURRENT_USER > Software > Microsoft > Business Solution eCRM.  Re-open Outlook and all should function as normal.


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